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Join our patriots, sportsmen and mothers
in defense of the 2nd Amendment

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We are committed to protecting our pastime
& a great American tradition

Show your opposition to Ballot Question 1. Visit our online store for t-shirts, bumper stickers and more to help us spread the word. Proceeds from your purchase go to our efforts to stop Bloomberg.

Get the Facts!

Our team of activists and advocates are out gathering intelligence on what Bloomberg and his anti-gun lobbyists are up to in Nevada.

Oppose the Initative!

Sign here to voice your opposition to Bloomberg’s “universal background checks” and show your support for stopping this intrusion on your liberty.

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The Anti Gun lobbyists lead by Mayor Bloomberg have millions, we need your donation to fight back.

Nevada Is The Next Major Battle In The
National Fight To Defend Our Gun Rights

In 2013, Bloomberg spent over $1 million to force a complicated and unenforceable gun control bill through the Nevada Legislature. The bill passed the legislature on near party lines. Because of our hard work, Governor Sandoval vetoed the legislation. Now Bloomberg is back to force the same gun control through a ballot initiative. His organization has already spent over three million to get this ballot initiative up for vote and to convince low information voters to vote for this initiative.

We need your help to oppose this ballot initiative. Opposing a ballot initiative is expensive, and we need help to stop it. Make a donation today to help us send a message that Bloomberg’s gun control agenda is not welcome in Nevada. 

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